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Scripture: Malachi 3:10-15
Sermon: “Why Give” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

Is this money season? asked someone struggling with faith, but wanting to return to church.  I know you have to do it, but I don’t like money season.  It makes me feel guilty, and I don’t need that right now.  Maybe I’ll come back after money season. […]

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Scripture: Psalm 145:1-3, 10-19

Sermon: “God’s Hand: Open or Closed?” by Pastor Todd Buurstra


Is God’s hand open or closed?

That may not be a hard head question, but it’s proved to be a very difficult heart question for centuries.  Take the Prayer Book of the Bible, the Psalms, whose prayers are our model prayers.  There are 150 […]

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Scripture: Romans 12:1-8

Sermon: “WHO ARE WE? Church EpiPen” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

She entered the tent with all our tables at the Branchburg Country Fair.  She passed the Branchburg News table, Republican and Democratic tables, the Women’s Club table, Harley Hog Riders table, our Preschool table, but when she came to our church’s table, she reacted, […]

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Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30
Sermon: “Who Are We?” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

Peter Sellers, famous for the hilarious Pink Panther movies, once said, in all seriousness, something like, After playing so many roles in my life, I don’t really know who I am. One wonders if Lindsay Lohan might suffer from some of the same identity crisis.  Indeed […]

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Listen To 09-18-2011 Service

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-15
Sermon: “The Forgiven Forgive” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

Happy Anniversary!  As I’ve done for the last TWELVE years, I want to sit down to talk as if we were at our anniversary dinner about where we’ve been and where we’re going.  In doing so, I want to recover the Forgive us our debts as […]

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Listen To 09-11-2011 Service

Scripture: Matthew 6:13

Sermon: “Remembering Tragedy, Rebuilding Hope” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

How did you respond after 9/11?  I’ll tell you what you did.  On Sunday, 9/16/11 with air travel barely restored, and no games on TV, 412 of you came to church.  That’s an all-time fall record!  You came because you needed to sense God’s presence.  […]

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Listen To 08-21-2011 Service

Scripture: Matthew 6:11

Sermon: “Our Daily Bread” By Pastor Todd Buurstra

Give us this day our daily bread. The problem with this prayer?  It’s very familiar and very irrelevant to us today.  Take very familiar.  If you are in church every Sunday, or you rarely darken the doors, you’ve either seen this picture, or you’ve heard this […]

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Scripture: Psalm 63:1-8

Sermon: “God, King David and Me” by Vice President, Sue McGeown


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