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Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-11

Sermon: “CULTURE WARS: The War on Christmas?” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

As some view it, within the “culture war,” there is a “war on Christmas.”  You have to say, “Happy Holidays,” and aren’t supposed to say, “Merry Christmas.”  Nativity scenes are no longer allowed on the township green, though I think a nice Menorah […]

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Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-14

Sermon: “Hope in This Mess” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

Does the world seem a mess to you this Advent?

What with the Deficit Reduction Committee stalemating, and leaving us with $15T of debt!

What with the Penn State fiasco tarnishing a great coach and leaving many, broken victims!

What with illnesses like cancer taking the life of […]

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Scripture: Isaiah 56:1-8

Sermon: “Finding Hope Together” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

The story is told of the day that Mahatma Gandhi visited a Christian church in college.    He had been reading the gospels and considered giving his life to Jesus because it was clear to him how Jesus could end the destructive, divisive caste system in India.  […]

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Scripture: Acts 2:42-47 & I Corinthians. 11:20-26

Sermon: “Church Family Meals” by Pastor Todd Buurstra

Experts say that healthy families eat together at least four times per week.  This allows for conversation, fights, prayer, and just connecting.  These family’s kids tend more towards A’s in school, the ability to say NO to sex/drugs, and a smile on […]

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