NBRC External Pre-Service Considerations List 2015-10-16T20:40:38+00:00

NBRC is committed to performing external service to serve the poor, elderly, and other needy people and has strived to provide the necessary tools for its members to do such service.  In order to encourage NBRC members to serve, please consider the following list before you volunteer to lead a project.

  • What are you passionate about? How can you turn that passion into a service project that you could lead? What need would that service project address?
  • Can you mobilize a group of volunteers from your NBRC small group, family, friends, and/or neighbors to volunteer at your project and assist with any necessary preparation for the project? If yes, do you have a volunteer who would serve as your backup if an emergency prevented you from continuing to lead the Project?
  • Do you have questions about how other NBRC volunteers have done service? If yes, please consider contacting one of the Service Coaches listed below for guidance:
    • Poor
      • Food Pantry – Anne Karig
      • Urban Promise – Melanie Brown
      • Bountiful Backpacks – Melanie Brown
    • Elderly
      • Prayer Shawls – Anne Karig
      • Leaf Raking – Brendon Beatrice
    • Environmental and Disaster Relief
      • River Cleanup – Kathy Gianetti
      • Restore the Shore – Kathy Gianetti
      • Blood Drive – Nikki Sabella
    • Youth
      • Mentoring Program – Adriane Domareckyj
  • The NBRC Service Team would like each Project Leader to complete a Project Report, photograph the project, and share the project photographs and stories with NBRC. A sample project photograph is below. Are you willing to do this?
  • If you feel equipped to lead a service project, please contact a member of the Service Team – Pastor Todd, Pastor Mark, Dona Lee Szekeres, Kathy Gianneti, Karen Aguanno, John Cargill, or Melanie Brown.