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“To me mission work in places like Belize and Jamaica is not about changing the place, but about letting the place change you, so that you leave the place better than you found it.” ~ Mackenzie F.

“I would say that to me, Taize meant reaching out to the world to share beliefs and see new perspectives. It was a beautiful experience.” ~ Emma F.

Join us as we serve God at 
the King’s Village in West Africa

The King’s Village is a Christian-led international development organization based in Northern Ghana serving a district of 160,000 people. The King’s Village has developed a hospital which now has three doctors, has provided water and sanitation to in excess of 40,000 people, has provided nutritional support to hundreds of malnourished babies and toddlers, established a school which serves over 325 children and begun to develop a micro-enterprise initiative mostly for women who receive small loans for their businesses.

  • King’s Village School
    Spend time at the King’s Village school to see what education in Ghana is like
  • Medical Center
    Learn how residents get care at the Medical center
  • Visit Villages
    Visit remote villages to see how people live in Ghana
  • June 28 – July 8

    Dates are approximate and may shift a day or two in either direction depending on airline tickets
  • Monthly
    We will meet monthly to prepare for our trip. You can come in person or join us via Google hangout.
  • Cost $2500-$3000
    This covers your travel cost and living expenses plus you will participate in fundraisers to fund the projects

What we will do in Ghana

You’ll get to participate in diverse projects and learn about a different way of life.
At Spark of Hope we aim to give you an opportunity do experience diverse project. You may build a hut to house families who have a child receiving treatment at the medical center. You might do a sanitation project called “soak aways” that will help families eliminate waste in a healthy way. You will get to spend time at the King’s Village school doing arts and crafts with the children. You might be a part of a team that brings a doctor to a place where people may have never seen a doctor before. We will also spend time learning about the culture in Ghana. You’ll learn where they get their water and what life in a typical village is like. We will share with you about maternal health and what medical care is like in this remote part of the world. You will get a chance to meet others from the area and share your experiences. And each day we will spend time with

Clean Water Is Life Changing

A large percentage of the illnesses that affect children 
come from contaminated water. Clean water helps eliminate 
 water-borne diseases and lower the mortality rate of children. 
 In the past, Spark of Hope has installed water filters in villages which have no access to clean water. In 2019, one of the projects we are considering is putting a borehole in a village. 
 A borehole is a long, narrow well drilled to access underground water. The borehole is covered with a hand-pump to prevent contamination and to ease access. For many families clean 
 water can be life changing.

Download Ghana 2019 (PDF)


  • Completing the 4th and final phase of Belmopan Methodist HS and lead devotions or teach in classes. This school is being built jointly by the Caribbean Methodist Church and the Belizean government. Presently, the 9th – 11th grades are open.
  • Help at St. Jude Elementary School and the local Pre-school. St. Jude has classes from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Assist in the classroom teaching math, reading, science, art, music, gym, crafts and more. We also help by doing simple repairs, helping to organize their library and office, or doing painting and plumbing jobs and other repairs.

Currently this mission trip is full, but if you want to be put on a waiting list contact [email protected]

Last year 9 college age students went to Taize, France with our Dutch sister church to foster peace and reconciliation. We spent time getting to know them, traveling together, and then going on retreat with the Leeuwarden church. After making many friends our hearts and the world are more peaceful.