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​”The music at NBRC has been and is a very important part of my life. It brings spiritual joy into my life. Through this, I feel energized and full of faith and happiness . In turn, I feel encouraged to spread that wealth of my joy and faith to my family and the community.” ~ Carla C.

NBRC is home to many musical groups, performing regularly at NBRC during services, and for special concerts and presentations.

North Song, our contemporary praise band, performs weekly for our contemporary and blended services.

Chancel Choir, our traditional choir, open to adults down to age 16, sings regularly for our blended services, and occasionally in our contemporary services.

The Carillon Bell Choir, open to adults does to 16, utilizes a beautiful 5 octave ( and chimes) Schulmerich Handbell set and performs in our services several times each year.

Worship Teens is our contemporary praise band for middle and high school students, performing several times a year.

Our Youth Drama Group is open to kids in gr 3-7. The YDC performs 2 full length Christian Musical plays each year..

The Youth Worship Singers is open to boys and girls grade 5-6. This group focuses on Contemporary vocal music. Rehearsals and performances are seasonal.

The Worship Kidz is our pre-school/elementary school choir open to ages 4- gr 2. The WK focus on singing, dancing and movement to music, performing several times a year.

The NBRC music ministry maintains its own YouTube channel NBRCMUSIC which features live performances of the many groups and soloists at NBRC. Browse NBRC performances and decide which group is a good fit for you and/or your children. Enjoy the music!

If you are interested in participating in or getting more information about NBRC music and drama groups, please contact our Director of Music and Worship Arts Linda Collins at 908-725-2313, ext 3, or via email at [email protected].