Easter Virtual Service

Please invite family and friends to join us for a virtual Easter Sunday Service of music, message and prayers.
The service can be viewed on Facebook Live or heard by Conference Call.

To join us on the NBRC Facebook page (if not a member, send a request on FB), click […]

Easter Virtual Service

Grow in God’s Story

Grow into the entire story of the Bible in 8 weeks through this Epiphany sermon series from Genesis to Revelation.

As if chapters, you will learn about Beginnings, Promise, Liberation, Wilderness, King, Exile, Messiah and Church.

Join us at NBRC on Sundays at 8:30 or 10 AM, and bring a friend.

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One Worship Service, December 29

Sunday, December 29, we will only have one Worship Service at 9:30 am with a 1-Room Schoolhouse.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Celebrate Advent

Come learn about the faith-based, back story of favorite carols of the season, like:
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Joy to the World, and Silent Night 
at our Sunday worship services during Advent.

It will send you out singing!

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Your Questions

Your questions are causing us to search the Scriptures for answers.

We will address your questions in the month of November:

  • 11/3–What is the meaning of marriage?
  • 11/10–What is your perspective of our 20 years together?
  • 11/17–How do we love in an uncivil age?
  • 11/24– What does it really mean to be a child of God?


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Creation Care Sermon Series

For centuries the church ignored one of the Bible’s core missions: creation care.

The Bible tells the story of a God who renews people and creation. In an age of accelerating climate change, come to grow in your care for God’s creation.

The quality of your grandchildren’s lives depends upon it! […]

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What is the Bible?

Is it an owner’s manual, a diary, a to-do list, a love letter, is it infallible or inerrant, or is it simply the greatest story ever told?

Come to learn how each of these has some truth, but some more than others, in order to help you better understand this all-time bestseller. […]

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Pillars Into The Third Century

Has North Branch’s best days passed? Does our church have a future?

By looking back at how God has used North Branch in the past, the Spirit will propel us into our future vision. Building on the stable foundation of the past, Jesus […]

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