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Frequently Asked Questions

We teach them how to praise God in the first 15 minutes of worship. Then we teach them about God and the Bible in the Church School. And lastly we give them opportunities to have fun with Christian friends and to serve others in youth groups for 3rd grade through Senior High.
We can help you spiritually through worship, small group community and our many ministries. We can help you emotionally through pastoral and professional counseling. And we can help you physically through our care and financial ministries.
At least one parent needs to make promises to raise the child up in the faith. The way that we do this is by having a parent or parents become a member of our church. (See the answer to the membership question below.)
First and foremost you need to believe in Jesus Christ and have committed your life to him. If you have not yet done this a pastor or leader would be happy to discuss it with you. If you are already a believer you may come to our Communion celebrations during Sunday services on the first Sunday of each month. You may also call the office and request a pastor bring you communion in your home.
First, you need to attend NBRC to see if you are comfortable with our style of worship and can sense God’s presence among us. The next step is to take a seven week Discovery Class to learn more about the Bible, the faith journeys of your peers in the class, and about our church. Lastly, you would meet with some elders to confess your faith in Jesus Christ and his church.
We are fortunate that NBRC is an extremely active community. We are always looking for volunteers for our various ministries, music activities, ongoing education programs and events. See our ministries and please contact our office and we can put you in touch with someone.