Throughout the Bible, Jesus gives us examples of what it looks like to live a story of love. He takes small acts of service and multiplies them. He gives people a story that is bigger and better than they could write on their own. This summer, the storyline for our youth will continue with new characters in a new setting. We will be inviting them to pay attention to God moving in and through their stories and the stories of the people around them.

Sunday, July 21 through Friday, July 26, fifteen members of our JR/SR High Youth Group will be headed to Boston to partner with local ministries to work at homeless shelters and serve the children and elderly in the city. From serving guests at the local soup kitchen to playing games with seniors struggling with Alzheimer’s to being present to neighborhood kids, they’ll see the backbone of Lynn/Boston is many kind, strong, diverse individuals ready to help you fall in love with the place they call home.

Thank you for all of your financial support that made this possible, and please keep us and those that we’ll be meeting in your prayers.