Pastor Todd BuurstraI am not an evangelist. I am a pretty relational guy. Yet today’s church needs the evangelistic gift desperately, as more and more churches get stuck in old ways of doing and being while the culture zooms by the church at increasing speed. My career has been about trying to figure out how God can use my relational gifts to meet the need for evangelism.

I don’t think that I’ve become very good at evangelism, but I do think that I’ve become better. I’ve read books on it. I’ve prayed to get better at it. And most recently I’ve watched David Mojica and other church planters in my work with the Classis in multiplying new churches.

So I am in my office and an unchurched Preschool Dad walks in. This guy and I have formed a growing friendship over his years in our school. We started out talking about politics, but lately we’ve been talking about the Bible. He just finished a Lee Strobel book called, The Case for the Creator. So he stopped by today to tell me how much he liked it. I thanked him for his recommendation and promptly ordered it off of Amazon. Now he is reading the Bible for the first time, and is having trouble making sense out of it. So I give him a book off my shelf to help explain it. Will we see his family in our church someday? I don’t know, but I do know that he, along with everyone I see every day, is on a spiritual journey. How can I help them take one more step along that journey toward Christ?

So as you follow Jesus in his mission of restoring people to God, let me tell you three steps that I, as a non-evangelist-but-friendly-guy, am learning:
First pray to see opportunities to help people along their spiritual journeys;
secondly, seize opportunities to talk about how Jesus helps you progress along your
path; and,
thirdly, stick with those opportunities by continuing to walk alongside those seeking.

Hope that’s helpful. For whether you think of yourself this way or not, you are an evangel; that is, someone who has good news to bring others.

Peace and joy,
Pastor Todd Buurstra