Pastor Todd BuurstraI am sitting in my four-windowed office at which time I am enjoying the sun streaming. I love the change of seasons. While you may or may not agree with me, I would have a hard time living in a place where there are no discernible seasons. The buds are just visible. The crocuses are just protruding. Color is returning to God’s creation.

Now while you and I may especially enjoy the seasonal change from winter to spring, I have to admit that I enjoy fall to winter as well. Seasonal change is good. Having said that I want to acknowledge those
who struggle more at the change of seasons.

So whether you enjoy seasonal change like me, or struggle with it like my mother, we all have to admit that God has ordained nature so. In the same way God has ordained the nature of life so. In our church life seasons are changing with: the expected purchase of the Lawrence House for some service mission; the church plant as they move from one to four cell groups and launch their biggest outreach event on Saturday, April 19 (cf. later advertisement:, and the music ministry changes.

Seasonal changes like these bring struggle, sadness and excitement. And, they are part of the way the Creator has made life to be. So let us live them together with the God who promised Noah:

As long as the earth endures,
Seedtime and harvest, cod and heat,
Summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease

Genesis 8:22

Peace and joy,
Pastor Todd Buurstra