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“We never cease to be amazed at the local church at Alale (Kenya)….the large number of people gathered to worship….. We remember how church started at Alale – a small group of us sitting on log benches…..now during school term….they have to have two services to accommodate the 800 or so who gather to worship! Thank you for caring and praying and sharing!” ~ Larry and Linda McCauley, Kenya, West Africa
Char and Dave Alexander

Char and Dave Alexander

Char and Dave met in Taiwan in 1976 while serving as RCA volunteers. Currently, Char teaches English at Chang Jung Christian University, which is associated with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. Dave is the counselor and advisor to international students at Tainan Theological College, where he teaches.

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This region is served by Reformed Church in America missionaries through four Bible training centers among the three Mayan language groups and Spanish-speaking areas in the Chiapas church. The RCA program support provides one-third of the cost of the operation of the Bible schools, including administration, teachers, and texts.
The McAuleys have been missionaries since 1981. Since 1998 they have worked in Malawi and Mozambique carrying out holistic and transformational development through evangelism, adult literacy, HIV/AIDS prevention, orphan care, food and financial security, restoration of the environment, social justice, disaster response, and diaconal development. They work with a total of about 20,000 participants, which results in an impact on the lives of about 100,000 people. http://vimeo.com/10774891
Located in the South Central mountains of New Mexico, Mescalero Reformed Church has been served by Robert and Linda Schut since 1984. The ministry of the Mescalero church is to help people know Jesus as Savior and to help them claim Jesus as the Lord of their lives. In the past, youth have been the emphasis of this ministry. As a result, one of the strongest areas of the church’s life is the participation of young adults in their early twenties. Average worship attendance is about eighty-five, with over half of the worshipers being under sixteen years of age.
Urban Promise is a mission that equips children and teens with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth and leadership rooted in the principles of the Christian faith. Check it out at www.urbanpromiseusa.org